Indirect or servo-controlled solenoid valves 21wa 21w

Solenoid valves or indirect control or servocontrolled normally closed and open 21WA3R0B130, 21WA4R0B130, 21WA3R0V130, 21WA4R0V130, 21WA3R0E130, 21WA4R0E130, 21wa3k0b130. 21wa4k0b130, 21wa3z0b130, 21wa4z0b130, 21h7kv120, 21h7kb120, 21h8kv120, 21h8kb120, 21h9kb180, 21h9kv180, 21wa3z0v130, 21wa4z0v130, 21wa3k0v130. 21wa4k0v130, 21w3kb190, 21w3kv190, 21w4kb250, 21w4kv250, 21w5kb350, 21w5kv350, 21w6kb400, 21w6kv400, 21w7kb500, 21w7kv500, 21w3zb190, 21w3zv190, 21w4zb250, 21w4zv250, 21w5zb350, 21w5zv350, 21w6zb400, 21w6zv400, 21w7zb500, 21w7zv500,

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