replacement submersible motors nema attachment for submersible electric pumps

The 3, 4, 6 inches submersible motors APDTECHNOLOGY filled with refrigerant liquid are particularly suitable for being coupled to multistage centrifugal pumps to be employed mainly to pump water from subsoil, are characterized by: elevated starting torque, efficiency, robustness and reliability.


The electric winding is of asynchronous type with squirrel cage rotor and cooled by dielectric liquid in compliance with the prescriptions of Farmacopea Italiana and approved by Food and Drug Administration (U.S.A.).

The upper brackets are made of pressed brass, cast iron, AISI 316 according to the models, combined with the toothed shaft with Duplex® stainless steel terminal, allow coupling with the pumps according to NEMA standards.

The particular construction of the external stainless steel casing and the technical solutions adopted allow an easy disassembly for possiblerewinding.

The appropriately sized compensation membrane guarantee the balance of internal / external pressures and the variation of oil volume due to temperature.

The closing systems, the sand-protection devices, the irremovable non-toxic cable or the new patented plug guarantee perfect tightness and

safety of operation.

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