impurity separation and air vent devices, deaerators

Dirt separator for heating systems with flanged connections, Chrome-plated swiveling dirt separator for SMART heating systems, SMART compact dirt separator under gas boiler, Ultra-compact COMPACTFAR dirt separator with square connections for heating systems, COMBIFAR dirt separator-deaerator adjustable for heating systems, COMPACTFAR ultra-compact dirt separator line for heating systems, DISCAL deaerators, air vent valves, radiator caps with built-in AERCAL air valve, manual valves, drain cocks, deaerators, deaerators-dirt separators DISCALDIRT DISCALDIRTMAG, dirt separators DIRCAL, dirt separators with DIRTMAG magnet, manual magnetic dirt separator filter DIT , self-cleaning magnetic dirt separator filter, under-boiler dirt separators with DIRTMAGSLIM magnet, magnetic under-boiler dirt separator filter caleffi XS,

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