automatic air feeder for centrifugal pumps

The Air Feeder is a device that guarantees the maintenance of the air cushion in the autoclave.


The power supply must be installed in a vertical position. It is important to install a ball valve between the upper part of the feeder and the autoclave and one between the lower part of the feeder and the pump suction. The system check valve must be installed upstream of the connection of the power supply with the pump suction. No check valve must be installed between the pump and the autoclave.


Correct operation of the power supply requires an air intake of approximately 30 seconds each time the pump is started. This optimal condition is obtained by adjusting the ball valve located on the pump suction. If in a system the pump is powered by a pressurized pipe, it is necessary that the pressure in the autoclave is about 1.5 times greater than that of the pump for the power supply to function regularly.

Each time the pump starts, a flow of water from the autoclave towards the pump suction flows through the feeder then the venturi located in the brass fitting. In this way, through the suction valve, an air flow is created from the outside which gradually replaces the water contained in the feeder.

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