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21A2KT25 Solenoid valve 1/4 2-way steam sterilizer vaporizer

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Solenoid valve 1/4 21A2KT25 2 ways, removable and repairable, by changing the internal piston it becomes new and efficient

Code, voltage, certification, coil, solenoid, magnet
fluid passage
Coil power
Item available

2-way solenoid valves normally closed with direct control

Main components: body with main orifice, quill assembly, plunger assembly, coil.

Max temperature: -10 ° C / + 180 ° C

Minimum operating pressure: 0 bar

USES: PTFE solenoid valves medical equipment on systems and equipment for dentists, dental technical laboratory studies, solenoid solenoid valve, steam sterilizer, dental dental offices, general medicine, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, dental prostheses, medical clinics, ophthalmology and dermatology medical steam, dental autoclaves, hospitals, veterinary clinics, automatic sterilizer, ophthalmic sterilizer, medical sterilizer, dental sterilizer, sterilization chamber sterilizer, beauty institutes, saunas, steam rooms, miniature solenoid valves, valve for steam valves, high temperature valve, spare solenoid valve for ivoclar vivadent zhermack compatible steam generator, complete solenoid valve for steamer steamer, automation autoclave sterilizer machine.


Data sheet

Valve material
Fluid Temperature
-40°C +180°C
Environment Temperature BDA
-10°C + 40°C
Environment Temperature BDV
-20°C +60°C
Membrane material
PTFE - Teflon

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