solenoid valves 1/2 12v 20 bar atomizers weed control pesticide

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Solenoid valve Idroenergiaitalia EVZV8V66 12v NC direct current 20 bar for atomizer or sprayers for weeding bar on olive grove vineyard greenhouses fruit growing citrus groves flowers ornamental plants, solenoid valves for spraying herbicide disinfestation pesticides pesticides insecticides anti-cryptogamic anti-parasitic mosquitoes insects, anti-mosquito anti-mosquito anti-mosquito machine agricultural in agriculture with sprayer pumps and nebulizer electrostatic atomizer, solenoid valve nebulizer plant protection products vegetation treatment micronization and liquid diffusion, herbicide bars with spray nozzles and heads for tank washing, air atomizers anti spiders treatment, pesticide nebulization cockroach repellent cockroaches ants scorpions, sprayers, Spray pumps, sprayers and sprinklers, shoulder sprayers, bollards for dogs and cats, sanitization