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maddalena flanged irrigation counter DN80

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Installation guide Tangencial helix water meters WT Choice of the water meter Before installing the meter, ensure that the nominal diameter, flow rate, working temperature and pressure are compatible with the operating conditions. Transport and storage Water meters are precision instruments: handle with care and protect from shocks and vibration. Store the meters in a frost-free place; defrosting of the instruments is a delicate operation. Store the meters in a dry place, at a temperature between 0 °C and 50 °C. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Recommendations for the installation Before installing the meter, check that the two pipe sections are in-line in order to avoid mechanical stress, clean the two pipe sections carefully (especially if the piping is new) and allow water to flow in the pipe for some time using a pipe section instead of the meter. Install the meter where it will be safe from frost (if necessary protect the meter with insulating material) and possibly in the lowest part of the network in order to avoid air bubbles. Install the meter in a place where it will be protected from tampering and shocks, and easy to read. Install the meter ensuring that the flow direction arrow on the body points in the same direction as the flow. It is advisable to install a valve upstream and downstream of the meter, and flow straighteners in order to enable maintenance and verification of the meter and of the pipeline, and sealing. Installation position Always observe the inscriptions on the dial (letters H and V): o H: the meter must be installed in horizontal position o V: the meter must be installed in vertical position o H and V: the meter may be installed both in horizontal and vertical position o It is not advisable to install the meter in vertical position with descending flow or with the dial facing downwards Straight pipes and flow straighteners For the usage of upstream and/or downstream straight pipes refer to the letters U and D marked on the dial; if the letters U and/or D are followed by an S, a flow straightener must be installed. Admissible water pressure (ISO 4064-1) The maximum admissible pressure (MAP) is 16 bar and is indicated on the meter dial. If the maximum admissible pressure is not indicated on the dial, it shall be 10 bar. These values shall not be exceeded. The minimum admissible pressure (mAP) downstream of the meter outlet shall be greater than or equal to 30 kPa (0.3 bar). Start up Before starting up, release air from the pipeline and the meter (turning it, if necessary). Keep the shutoff valve completely open during this operation. Seals The meter is sealed: it cannot be opened without breaking the seal. Meters must be serviced only by an authorized centre. Pulser A pulser may be fitted on the meters (please refer to the instruction manual provided with the pulser). Declaration of conformity This is a shorter version of the declaration of conformity. The full version is available on the website www.maddalena.it. Maddalena S.p.A. hierby declares that the water meter model WT complies with the Directive 2004/22/EC and/or 2014/32/EU and the Standard EN 14154 and/or ISO 4064. EC/EU type-examination certificate (module B): TCM 142/13-5129.

Item available

Suitable for irrigation

Diameter: from 50 (Q3 40 m3 / h) mm to 200 mm (Q3 400 m3 / h)

Available in cold water version (T30)

R ≤ 40 H-V

Removable internal measuring part

Magnetic transmission

Installation in horizontal or vertical position

Prepared for reed switch pulse emitter

It can be connected to a radio module

Nominal pressure (PN): 10 bar or 16 bar

MID certificate

Certificate for use with drinking water (Ministerial Decree 174)