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Solenoid valve ode 1 inch normally closed 21HF6K0V250

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Coil or Solenoid

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osmotic or osmotic water, shampoo, waxes, detergents, detergents, petrol, diesel, diesel, hydraulic oil, cold water, hot water 140 degrees, distilled water, emulsified water (white water), soapy water, soap solutions, propyl alcohol , ethyl alcohol, pesticides, gasoline, carbon dioxide, aviation fuel (JP3, JP4, JP5), agricultural fuels, kerosene, freon 12 in aqueous solution, freon TF, diesel gas oil, glycol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, aromatic hydrocarbons, sugary liquids, lubricants, integral cutting oil, emulsified cutting oil, welding gas *, liquefied lpg *, freon 113 *.

* WARNING: For use with these fluids highlighted by an asterisk, the solenoid valves must be positioned in external and ventilated rooms.

BDA08223DS 220V AC

Data sheet

Valve Material
Fluid Temperature
-10°C +140°C
Materiale Membrana
Portata (l/min)

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