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    Solenoid valve 12v dc current 20 bar for atomizer, atomizers, weeding bar for olive grove vineyard greenhouse fruit cultivation, spraying, herbicide, mosquito disinfestation, pesticides, pesticide, fungicide, insecticide, fungicide, mosquito repellent, pesticide, tractor, pesticide, pesticide, tractor agricultural machine, agriculture, sprayer pumps, atomizer, electrostatic atomizer, chemical sprayer, vegetation chemical treatment, micronization and diffusion of liquids, herbicide bars, spray nozzles, heads for tank washing, air atomizers, chemical anti-mosquito repellent treatment, spray repellents, cockroaches, ants scorpion spiders, sprayers, spray pumps, sprayers

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    caleffi hydronic solutions

    components for thermal power plants, devices for separating impurities and air vent, valves and accessories for heating bodies, zone and motorized valves, mixing valves, distribution manifolds, boxes and accessories, regulation of panel systems, components for water and sanitary systems, anti-pollution devices , circuit balancing devices, fittings, gas safety, expansion vessels, chronothermostats, thermostats, heat systems, components for solar systems, components for heat pump systems, components for biomass systems,

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    hydraulic, pneumatic, air treatment, connection accessories, pneumatic fittings, instrumentation, process valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, automations, highly automated systems, power transmission, pneumatic actuated valves, mechanical and manual valves, valves regulation, silencers and filters, rotary actuators, pneumatic grippers, hydraulic decellarriers, locking cylinders, combined cylinders, compact cylinders, pressure regulators, pressure gauges, air filters, rilsan pipes, flow regulators, polyurethane pipes, nylon pipes, valves economizers, instant connections, vacuum valves, suction cups, condensate separator,

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    coelte costruzioni elettroniche telesine, coeltop rlx codice 1630 articolo 201-rlx, coelspeed rlx codice 1530 articolo 185EG, coelevo rlx codice 1627 articolo 301 rlx, coelair rlx codice 1535 articolo 205-A, angelino junior codice 2526 articolo AJ350XG, angelino junior codice 2529 articolo AJ350LG, angelino junior codice 2626 articolo AJ350XTG, angelino junior codice 2631 articolo AJ350LTG, coelsolar codice 1630-So articolo 201-so, zc-04 codice 3050 articolo zc-04, codice 1550 articolo 350 top, codice 1560 articolo 450 top, codice 1570-c articolo 550 top, codice 1600 articolo JM-PLR

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  • Elettrovalvole by Idroenergiaitalia
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    far rubinetterie spa

    far rubinetterie spa, making spa taps, zone valves, spare motors, hydraulic separators, manifolds, pressfar fittings, single-pipe valves, two-pipe valves, pressure valves, pressure reducers, vent valves, pressure switches, pressure gauges, hydrometers, timer thermostats, bitermostats, anti-condensate valves, dirt separators, differential by-pass valves, filling unit, thermostats, servo controls, balancing valves, filters for sanitary systems, cimfar ball valves, solar group, booster unit, thermostatic mixers, motorized zone valves, multifar valves, thermostatic valves ,

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    idroenergiaitalia with headquarters in Rome and logistics in Lecce through its partners and partners, builds heat cost allocators, manifolds in aluminum, stainless steel, FE360 steel for heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, pneumatics, fuels, hydraulic compensator separators in stainless steel and FE360 steel. plastic solenoid valves for irrigation, solenoid valves for weeding bar, solenoid valves for drinking water treatment plants, for osmosis and chiller dispensers, solenoid valves for sparkling water dispensers, solenoid valves for instant sanitization, solenoid valves for washing and sanitizing systems, solenoid valves for the atomisation of antibacterial liquid, recirculation solenoid valves, solenoid valves for fluids of all types with a drop or with minimum operating pressure starting from 0 bar, Solenoid valve ode 12v coin acceptor for bathing establishment shower, Solenoid valve ode cooling tower hydraulic circuit, Solenoid valve nsf food liquids, Pool solenoid valve hydromassage jets spa, vending vending machine solenoid valve, industrial machinery high pressure piston solenoid valve, autoclave tank floating electric valve, dispenser solenoid valve for olive oil wine dispensing, solenoid valve total separation water analysis laboratory, arduino hydroponic solenoid valve for watering vessels, solenoid water valve, magnetic valve, electro-hydraulic valve, electromagnet, solenoid coil 12v 24v 36v 42v 48v 110v 120v 120v 220v 220v 230v 240v 380v, pneumatic pneumatic valves, direct current solenoid valve, iron solenoid valve , Dental steamer solenoid valve 180 degrees, Steam coffee machine solenoid valve, Stainless steel solenoid valve for environmental sanitation, Condensate drain solenoid valve, Solenoid valve for solar thermal heating system, Digital timer, Vibration pump, vane pump, vane pump, 12v solenoid valve weeding bar, herbicide thermal ecological steam use inter-row use by vineyard,

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    Mut Meccanica Tovo

    Mut Meccanica Tovo

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