ode 21W6KB400 solenoid valve 1"1/2 n.c. 12v 24v 110v 220v - idroenergiaitalia

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industrial and domestic solenoid valve applications
the equipment of the solenoid valve is complete
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Solenoid valve N.C. / With pilot control / Brass - UNI EN 12165 CW617N / 21W3KB190 / 21W4KB250 / 21W5KB350 / 21W6KB400 / 21W7KB500 / 21W3KE190 / 21W4KE250 / 21W5KE350 / 21W6KE400 / 21W7KE500 / 21W3KV190 / 21W4KV250 / 21W5KV350 / 21W6KV400 / 21W7KV500


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Data sheet

Valve material
Fluid Temperature
-10°C +90°C
BDA Coil Certifications
BDV Coil Certifications
Environment Temperature BDA
-10°C + 40°C
Environment Temperature BDV

-20°C +60°C
Solenoid power BDA
Solenoid power BDV
Solenoid material

Membrane material
NBR - BUNA nitrile
Portata (l/min)

Specific References